The best female poker players in the world: titles and big wins
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The best female poker players in the world: titles and big wins

Poker is not only a game of mind, strategy and luck, but also an arena where women compete with men more and more successfully every year. Women poker players not only win major tournaments, but also make their mark in poker history with their skill, tenacity and strategic thinking. Below are some of the most famous and successful women in the world of poker.

Vanessa Selbst – conqueror of poker peaks

Vanessa Selbst has long been ranked first on the list of the most successful female poker players in history based on the total amount of winnings in live tournaments. Her career is unique in that she not only won over $11.8 million, but also won three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets.

Main achievements:

  • Three-time WSOP winner.
  • The first woman to top the Global Poker Index.

Katie Liebert – the lady of steel of poker

Katie Liebert is known not only for her success in poker, but also for her active social position. She has won over $6 million in live tournaments and is one of the most respected figures in the poker community.

Main achievements:

  • Victories at major tournaments, including the North American Poker Tour.
  • Active participation in charity and promotion of poker among women.

Annette Obrestad is a symbol of the younger generation

Annette Obrestad earned worldwide fame by winning the main event of the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) at just 18 years of age. This success not only earned her a million-dollar prize, but also set the record for the youngest WSOP Main Event winner.

Main achievements:

  • Winner of WSOPE Main Event in 2007.
  • One of the youngest champions in poker history.

Kristen Bicknell is an example of perseverance and perseverance.

Canadian professional poker player Kristen Bicknell has won two WSOP bracelets and continues to actively participate in international tournaments. Her performances always attract attention thanks to her cold calculation and strategic thinking.

Main achievements:

  • Two WSOP bracelets.
  • Several high finishes in major international tournaments.

Women in the world of poker continue to demonstrate that skill, strategic thinking and mental toughness can lead to success regardless of gender stereotypes. These outstanding players not only win tournaments, but also change the public perception of poker by showing that women can compete equally with men at the highest level.

Their successes and examples inspire new generations of women to take up poker, strive to develop their skills and compete in the world’s largest competitions. These advances are also helping to increase the popularity of poker among women, which in turn attracts the attention of sponsors and the media, making the game even more accessible and popular.

In addition, women’s success in poker helps combat prejudice and expand opportunities for all players, regardless of gender. It also encourages tournament organizers and poker platform owners to create a more inclusive and engaging environment for all participants.

In the future, we can expect that women will continue to strengthen their position in professional poker, winning new titles and setting records. Their success stories will serve as motivation for many aspiring players, showing that with a passion for the game, perseverance and a willingness to learn, everyone has a chance to reach the top in poker.

Thus, women poker players are not only winning tournaments and prizes, but also playing a key role in the development and transformation of poker as a sport, making it more global, diverse and inclusive. In their faces the world sees not just players, but embassies of female strength and independence.

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